Thursday, February 19, 2009

craft day

A week ago I had a great time at a craft day with a couple old friends from High School. That's right, I said High School. I've been living in the city I grew up in for over five years now, but it's the magic of the internet that has reconnected me with people from what feels like another lifetime. (thank you Facebook!) In the days of High School I didn't think anyone enjoyed making things like I did. I thought I was the only one who spent Saturday nights making hook and loop rugs. Didn't think anyone painted ceramic ornaments every Christmas like I did. Did they even know how to use a sewing machine? In fact, crafting and sewing were kind of my dirty little secret. I thought everyone would think I was dorky if they knew I loved to decoupage. They'd think I was a nerd if they knew about my needlepoint. (Yeah, I wasn't exactly the most confident 16-year old) In fact it wasn't until I was home with my first child and I began to discover other people online who liked to craft that I stopped hiding from my crafting and making obsession. (So I guess this didn't exactly make me the most confident 30-year old either!)

You can imagine my surprise when a Facebook friend/former High School friend sent me a message asking if I'd like to get together to do a project that was on the Martha Stewart Show (Baby Wooden Blocks). Yes yes yes! We had such a nice time. I was SHOCKED when I got in the car to go home and discovered we'd been chatting and crafting for SIX HOURS! I didn't look at the clock once, so I was convinced that the clock in the car must be off. It wasn't. This project was so much fun and so satisfying to do. It's amazing how a few simple steps can transform wood and paper into something that looks retro, yet polished. My friends made blocks for their children and as a gift for a baby shower.

I knew I'd like to make something to sell on Etsy, so I wanted to do something different. (Crafters' Code of Ethics - use the idea, but don't sell the same thing and create competition for the very person who gave you the idea) So I brought along some wood pieces to decorate and create this mobile. I was happy to discover that the sanding and painting technique that Ashley Steele (of demonstrated on Martha worked just as well on fabric as it did on paper. And, like I said, it's just so satisfying to make something look so unique in just a few simple steps.

I hope there will be more crafting afternoons in the future. It's so much more fun to work with friends than tucked away in my craft room (hiding out from the kids).

Wood Mobile on OUToftheBOX.etsy !

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malo said...

What a beautiful mobile. I am so impressed!