Tuesday, August 16, 2005

drink more wine!


I finished up my contribution to September's SAMPLER. Above is a photo of the project in the works, and below is the final product...a magnet cork board! Can you believe I had all those corks lying around? Let's see...I made 30 boards at 2 corks each...so that's 60 bottles of wine! Yikes! Yes, we love our vino in this house. Trying to remember when i started stashing those corks. It was a while ago, but still - 60?!? And I still have a handful of champagne bottle corks - but their size/shape didn't really work well with this project, so I'll have to save them for something else. Hmmmm.



Next I'll be working on an ATZ (Artist's Trading Zine) for the ATZ_Club. The theme this month is "Favorite Color". All kinds of ideas are swirling in my head. Now it's time to work them out. My deadline for that is QUICKLY approaching. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of that.


Is it really already the middle of August? Where has the summer gone? I feel like I should be going out and doing some back-to-school shopping. God I miss that! I used to LOVE buying new school clothes...imagining that this new wardrobe would completely revamp my image and make me the most POPULAR girl in school. Ha! Like that ever worked. So funny to think about how I wasted my time on stupid things like that. I suppose I still waste my time on stupid things even today, and twenty years from now I'll look back and think to myself..."why did I spend so much time worrying about THAT?" But nothing can compare to the concerns of a 14-year-old girl getting ready for her first day of high school. Ah geez! But I survived. By senior year I spent most of my lunches in the art room. But I survived!

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Roy said...

Like the cork idea. If you need someone to help you down a few bottles let me know and I would be willing to come by and take one for the team.

otherwise, I do work in the bar at that place that sounds like "Willie's," so if you're interested I might be able to collect a cork or two from all those alkies that stop by.

Take care!