Monday, April 10, 2006

banana pancakes

Last week I posted about some strawberry pancakes I made. The Lost Hawaiian commented to tell me about her banana macadamia nut pancakes. Yum! I didn't have mac nuts on hand, so this Saturday it was banana pancakes with strawberry sauce. Mmmmmmm. The sauce is real simple: Heat up some frozen strawberries, water, sugar and a little corn syrup in a saucepan. Once you've got a good thickness, let it cool a bit then give it a whirl in the blender or food processor. Banana strawberry pancakes----delicious!
So I had my first anxiety-themed dream over the weekend that everything at the Bazaar Bizarre was going wrong. Only 12 days away! I'm cutting felt letters to make a sign. Thought I'd leave that for next week, but after my nightmare I think I'd feel better just knowing it's done.

I'm excited to go back to San Francisco...
Things I Y about San Francisco:
Y pizza in North Beach Y
Y view from the twin peaks Y
Y cute little $5 slippers from China Town Y
Y gin and tonic from Vesuvio Y
Y playground at Yerba Buena Y
Y shopping at the Ferry Building market Y
Y riding the streetcar from the Mission to the Wharf Y
Y Cannoli from North Beach Y
Y Watching sailboats from the Presidio Y

Of course there won't be enough time for us to do everything on this trip. So we'll have to prioritize. I hope the air is crisp - last time we were there it was hot hot hot! (so NOT San Francisco) And, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to order up a little fog. Thank you.

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