Saturday, April 29, 2006


I think I'm finally all caught up on sleep. I've been sleeping SO HARD all week. I'd like to get myself back in the habit of waking up early every morning so I can get a good few hours to myself, sans little Mr. Bugaboo, to be crafty and creative. But this past week I felt like I needed the shut-eye. It's almost like I've been getting too much sleep for my own good though - I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a ton a bricks!

I went fabric shopping yesterday and picked up what you see here. I love the color palette. Greens, browns, off-whites and blues. Love it! These are for my next run of pillows. The fabric store was having a pretty darn good sale and it was hard for me not to pick up everything I was remotely attracted to. But I think I need to work project to project. Otherwise I'll end up with all these supplies that I've forgotten what I'd gotten them for. Plus, I have a ton of fabric to begin with - I should probably start working my way through what I've got. A lot of it is pretty crazy '60s looking print - big psychedelic flowers in super bright colors - that I found in my Grandma's stash a couple years ago when she was moving out of her house. She had all this fabric that was given to my Grandpa a long time ago as payment for Chiropractic visits from a patient who couldn't afford to pay.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this - word may get back to my Grandpa that I got it and he could come a knockin' to get it back. Ha ha. You may ask, what does a 70-something year old man want with a bunch of groovy fabric? Well, there's no tellin' with this man - no tellin' at all what he's gonna suddenly have an interest in. His wife may decide that she wants to use it to sew up a new flashy dress. Here's a funny story: several years ago my Grandpa, the swap meet king, found a smashing deal on some paint. While my Grandma was out of town, he decided to repaint her house. Her house was yellow. A nice, canary yellow. Grandpa slaps on the new paint and everyone in the neighborhood complains. The new paint, you see, was indeed yellow, but it was paint used for striping streets. Just imagine the color of those double yellow lines you see on the street slapped up on a two story house. It looked like a circus tent! The whole family had to work together the following weekend to repaint the house back to it's original mellow yellow before my Grandma got back into town.

Today I have a little paycheck work to do and then I hope to work on a pillow design. Imagine flying kitties and horsetail reed.

Happy Saturday!

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