Thursday, April 06, 2006

countdown to the not yo mama's craft fair

Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair
From the lack of posts the past coupla days, you've probably gathered that I'm in full crunch mode now. Had a few days where I just could not move - would find myself sitting for 15 minutes staring at the wall as I brainstormed signage and display and how in the world I'm gonna get it all done. Had a late night last night and re-grouped. The to-do list has been revamped and I'm back in production baby! It's definitely time for me to lay off the wine at dinnertime. Makes me too sleepy. I'm gonna need a lot of caffeine in the next 16 days. I really want to do a little collage of all I've got done so far - might be entertaining for you all and it might make me feel like I've accomplished a little more than I'm giving myself credit for at present time. Maybe that'll happen tonight. Plus, need something like that for some postcards I hope to have done by BazBiz. You know, a little something to give away...a little something that will remind anyone who doesn't want to spend money to go to the website and spend loads of money later! I'm really interested to see how this event goes. There are a couple local fairs coming up this summer and fall, and if I get a good reception at San Mateo, then I'll be amped to do more events. We'll see. Now it's time for some tea - and not the weak herbal stuff - caffeinated - 3 bags - the wake-you-up kinda tea. Drive home from work was completely draining. Two accidents made the commute a half hour longer than it needed to be. Found myself listening to stupid talk radio just to stay awake. blah blah blah blah blah

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