Sunday, April 23, 2006

pics of my booth

Here's my set-up at the Bazaar Bizarre/Maker Faire.

Here's a closer look:

Having a really good time. It's great sitting around, sewing up more bibs and gladly accepting all compliments when people come up and tell me how much they like my designs. The Maker Faire is absolutely wild. I'll try to get around to some of the exhibits today and get some pictures to post. From what I hear, there's a guy who rigged up his barbecue to heat his pool. They've got guys on Segways playing polo. There are bicycles built from wood, a bicycle with a lawnmower wheel so you can ride and mow and all kinds of gidgets and gadgets made by clever garage inventor geeks. Pretty cool. I've also discovered that in Fall 2006, the makers of Make Magazine will be putting out Craft Magazine. Can't wait for that. Well, it's time to get ready and head out for day 2. Wish me luck! Need to sell out my pillows so my husband can see out the rear view mirror on the drive home.


Josie said...

I hope more that you are really proud of what you accomplished at the craft fair. Look at those pictures!!! My god- how awesome! Love the colors! I cannot wait to have my child's room done up by 'Out of the Box California' someday!

Hope you also had fun with the family! Have a safe and fun trip home!

Brook Stone Porter said...

Your stuff is beautiful! I hope you had a successful sale!

DeborahOfChicCosas.Com said...

It was a beautiful tent!I loved watching it the both days(your neighbor Deborah of was so thrilled to see such appealing colors and styling in all your work!