Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meet my Finn

I'm back! And, suddenly (or so it seems), NOT pregnant! (it's so strange to not be pregnant anymore) Baby is happy and healthy, as am I. See this little guy? This is Finn. Recognize the shoes?

The cookies I mentioned in the previous post turned out really nice. All the nurses loved them. I was happy that I took the time to put them together. GREAT soft cookie recipe from Martha (who else?) here. I'll be coming up with excuses to package cookies like this all the time now. Especially since I bought a box of 100 envelopes. Yikes! That's a wholotta cookies.

With the newborn and the three-year-old, I can't imagine I'll be up to anything very creative for quite some time. I'll have to squeeze some in, here and there, just to keep me sane. So don't give up on me if I don't post everyday. Creativity will continue to linger...

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