Thursday, May 24, 2007

frumpy girl with the big shoes

Yesterday, after I confirmed a lunch meeting for today at the fancy schmancy La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, the first thing that occurred to me was - but I have no shoes! You see, I'm just not much of a shopper. My husband is the one with the shoe fetish. Me, I find a good pair and I stick with them through thick and thin. Take these big clunkers for example:

I don't know why it is that I have chosen to be that frumpy girl with the big shoes. But these babies got me through Europe, I wear them every time we travel. Because they're well worn, I never get blisters. Their thick Doc Martin soles get me through rain, sleet and snow. Where most girls have a little black dress for travel, I've got my big black shoes. Never leave home without 'em.

But as I was walking onto the Martha set, it occurred to me that the biggest regret I'd carry with me for the rest of my life was that I didn't get new shoes for the show. I guess I thought that I wanted to be comfortable. I figured no one was going to see my feet anyway - no one, that is, except for Ms. Martha. Why oh why didn't I buy new shoes? I'll forever be that grown woman with the clunky shoes. Business at the top, and then - hey, whoa, what's that you got on your feet?

Don't get me wrong, I still love my big shoes. A bit worn - black shoe polish always makes them look pretty again. But, each time I see Ms. Martha show off her very expensive, very fancy schmancy shoes on the show, I'll cringe. She's a shoe girl, I'm sure she saw my clunkers.

Oh, and last night I went out and bought a new pair of shoes.

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Tom said...

I don't have a "shoe fetish." That term has a kinky inference to which I object. I just happen to like to buy shoes, as much as I hate to buy clothing. That probably has something to do with the fact that I can shop at a normal store for shoes (barely), while I'm exiled to Big and Tall hell for clothes.