Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I know I said this already, but man it feels like summer! I love it when the berries are in season and I don't have to feel guilty buying them because they're so incredibly reasonable. Strawberry and blackberry smoothies all week. And, if you can believe it (which I almost can't), the sourdough starter I talked about last month is still very well and bubbly and alive. Continuing to pump out whole wheat sour dough loaves. Nothing like a slice of toasted, homemade sourdough bread with strawberry jam. If I weren't stretched to find the time to tackle everything already on my long, long list, I'd add: make + can strawberry jam. In addition to the fact that there just isn't time for a big project like that, the house is too hot for me to have a big pot of bubbling jam simmering on the stovetop. Unfortunately, that seems like the kind of thing I'd love to do around the holidays, when all those big, plump, juicy strawberries aren't in season. It is seriously hot in these parts folks. Finally have a chance to dress the baby in a onesie - exposing those chubby little legs and toes. Ah, those precious toes.

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