Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Negro Problem - yeah, that caught your eye, didn't it?

How much do I wish I live in NYC?

Okay, stupid question.

How much do I wish I lived in NYC so I could see Passing Strange, a musical at Public Theater by Stew? SO much so.

I finally finished reading the review my husband saved for me from Monday's NY Times. (yeah, that's how long it takes me to get around to things like that these days)

So...if you live in the vicinity of NYC - go see this thing. Where else do you hear lines like that go like this:

Dutch character with a fascination for 'the American Negro' asks, "So do you play jazz? Do you play blues?" Black character by the name of Youth answers, "Do you live in a windmill? Do you wear clog shoes?"

I've always loved his writing. I've always loved his music. Now a musical, an entire musical. I hope this thing comes back out West someday. Or, better yet, anyone wanna send me two plane tickets to the Big Apple for a night? If you ever have a chance to see him and his gal pal, Heidi, playing live... Do It! Makes me sad to think he probably won't be playing for a six buck covercharge eva again. Okay, time for me to put on all The Negro Problem + Stew albums and sing my lungs out...

She's in nostalgia's grip, twenty years shy of hip. Gonna be the final time you listen to the vinly and go off on how the president's gypped. To Disneyland in winter, to Disneyland in winter when everyone else is gone.

[and if you're still not convinced that this guy is the best singer/song writer out there, here's another LINK]

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