Monday, May 07, 2007

to do or not to do

I was very excited to finally put together this design for postcards I'm having printed. Let's see... how long is it that I've been wanting to do this? Too long. Why, oh why, do I let things take this long to do? I've actually started jotting down things I need/want to do in a little notebook recently. As I go through my day, things pop out at me, like, I really need to touch up the paint on that base over there. Or ideas occur to me, like, I'd really like to make some postcards. So now I jot it down. Let's see if that helps me to get some of these things done. I'm hopeful.

The air has a feeling of summer. We've really got to kick Project Backyard into gear. Last night while I was grilling dinner outside, I looked up at the stars and thought about how nice it'd be to have some kind of lounge out here for lying back and gazing up at the stars. But first, we need some kind of nice place for a lounge chair. Time to break out the trace paper and start sketching up some plans. Those summer nights are just around the corner!

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j.cboyce said...

I received the custom 2 GIRAFEES at 4pm fri. b4 the baby shower!WE LOVE IT... JUST PERFECT! She will be contacting you to order another pic new "FLY, explore" and MORE drawer pulls and possibly 2 others at the shower were interested so gave them your info. Wonderful success to you and Thank you, Dawn