Tuesday, May 22, 2007

gutter water + other sources of inspiration

Here are some of the rocks I picked up on the beach. I love the swirls and colors. I ran them under the faucet because the colors look the way I saw them when I found them when they're wet. I've posted about these holey rocks before. People always ask what the holes are from. The only thing I can imagine is that little shellfish burrow in the sandrock and then piece break off, becoming smooth as they tumble in the waves. Any marine biologists out there who can confirm?

I especially love this orange/yellow rock with the greenish tints around each hole. This might have been the source of inspiration for a painting I started while on our beach trip. Has to be. It wasn't like I was thinking about it at the time ("hmm... I think I'll make a painting just like that groovy rock") - but looking at it and the painting again now, it seems so obvious. Inspiration comes in all forms, after all. As an Art History student in college, I loved learning all the potential sources of inspiration of the great masters. Like the influence of Japanese prints on the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Once things like that are pointed out to you, it's obvious. But influences like that are subtle enough so that they're not exactly carbon copies. The other example that comes to mind (and is completely silly in comparison to Van Gogh) is Andrae's "gutter water dress" on Project Runway season 2. You wouldn't think a picture of gutter water could inspire a beautiful gown. And you wouldn't know it was inspired by that unless someone told you. But once they did, it'd be obvious. [By the way, I hope another season of Project Runway comes out soon. Love that show more than I like to admit.]

Now if only I could find myself a quiet little moment to finish that painting. Maybe this afternoon if I'm lucky. Oh boy - I just looked over my shoulder to see Little Mr. Play-Doh Man using a cheese grater to shred his Play-Doh. How's that for inspiration? Oy vey! This is what I get whenever I try to carve out time - suffer the consequences. Maybe I'll just fix my cup of coffee first and let him enjoy his fun for a bit more before I take on the cleaning. Ha - he just said to me, "Don't look this way Mommy. Don't look this way!" Don't worry kid, I won't. Not for another five minutes, anyway.

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