Friday, February 29, 2008


Maybe I'll try to make some Easter bibs.

I have good intentions of making Easter bibs, that is. Intention, schmention. Looking forward to watching The Martha Stewart Show today. The creator of Etsy will be on and in the previews I see lots of familiar things - like wonderful creations from The Black Apple. Ms. Black Apple herself mentioned she'll be in NYC, so I wonder if she'll be able to make an appearance on the show as well? It's always so interesting to see online crafters on TV. Nice to put a face and a voice to the creativity I see online. This Etsy guy must be pretty interesting as well. What a great concept - a marketplace for all things handmade.

Speaking of intentions, I keep wanting to stock my Etsy shop. I'm slowly finding more time in the day for creativity. The littlest one continues to want Mommy most of the time, but as long as big brother is around he's usually pretty happy playing on his own. The floor of my work area is littered with toys and I just have to let it be. It's the only way I can sit here at my work table for little stolen moments of time to draw, paint or sew. The bigger one has his own little work table right behind mine. The idea was that it would be a place for him to be creative. But mostly, he ends up just wanting to take whatever it is I'm working on to play and tinker with. He's currently "fishing" with some components I keep for assembling mobiles. All the toys in this house and he insists on playing with my things??? I suppose I should just be happy that he's not trying to "hook" his baby brother.

It's cloudy today. Oh bother.

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