Thursday, April 24, 2008

fantasy land with flying critters

Small little guys on sticks. Plant stakes? Not really sure what to call them. They started out as hanging boggies, but once the stick idea hit me I couldn't let go of it. It's easier to control their position when they're on a stick than when they're hanging on a string. Cut out 30 of these little guys and now I'm in the process of getting them all painted and strung up with wings. So hard to know how they'll do at the bazaar. If they don't sell then, at the very least, they'll do their part in dressing up the table. I'm happy with several new little paintings I've been working on - my table should look like a wonderful little fantasy land with flying critters all around. Somehow I've actually managed to not let myself get too behind on my daily to-do lists. If I can keep this up I'll show up in San Mateo with more product than I've ever brought to a show to date - that's my goal anyway. For anyone interested, I'll have bibs, booties, appliqu├ęs, fabric, pillows, paintings, prints and zippered pouches.

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Thimbleanna said...

These are adorable! What a cute new twist on your design!