Thursday, April 10, 2008

get my focus back

Starting to wonder what I was thinking when I applied to be a vendor at the Bazaar Bizarre @ Maker Faire. I haven't done a thing in days and the list I generated when I had six weeks to create stuff has barely been stabbed at and now there are only three weeks left. I'm going to have to start drinking Red Bull at night or take ginseng shots or something to get me working on stuff and not falling asleep on the couch immediately after dinner.

I was surprised to get a minimal amount of silk-screening done the other day. Gotta just jump on that wagon and get moving. Now that the little one isn't in constant needy mode (molar is finally breaking through) and is enjoying playtime with big brother I might just be able to get my focus back. Go, Dawn, go! Okay, so why am I still sitting here?

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