Friday, April 04, 2008

put a cork in it bub

If only this were the way things were more often. Seeing this photograph sends me into a blissful state unlike the one I am in most of the time these days. Feeling like I'm completely on edge lately and would love nothing more than to enter into a vow of silence off in one of those meditation retreats up in the hills. Yeah, I could get into sitting for hours to meditate. Little boy has molars coming in, so he's fussy and noisy. Big boy is just plain noisy. Screaming! Where on earth did this screaming come from?!? I thought little girls were the screamers and I'd been patting myself on the back for having boys. When I hear screams it rattles my skull - sends shivers through my brain and makes me feel like my eardrums are going to burst. Can't stand the screaming. So, we're trying to learn that we don't go crazy in the house. "Crazy" includes laughing maniacally, running in circles, screaming, tackling and any kind of behavior that is generally hysterical. There's been a lot of crazy going on and I can't figure out where it's coming from. I know, I know... he's a boy. No quiet tea parties and afternoons slumbering about in dress up clothes. Most of the crazy I can sort of put up with. But not that screaming. Put a cork in it bub or you're gonna send your mama to the crazy house. Needless to say, no crafting or creativity going on round these parts.

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