Tuesday, April 22, 2008

squeeze in what i can

I've created quite a workload for myself for the next 11 days - yep, the countdown to BazBiz has begun. Trying to finish up the last couple items from yesterday's to-do list this morning so I can begin to whittle away at today's to-do list. Can't fall behind.

Working assembly-line style on a lot of things... like these zippered pouches. I try to squeeze in what I can in the kitchen while the boys are distracted with breakfast, and then when I hit a point where I need to be back in the workroom I set it aside until I can escape. All the boys (including the husband) went to bed early last night so I had a chance to finish up these 9 zippered pouches:

Love the feeling of filling up my box of goods that I'll be taking up to the faire. Fill it up! Also love checking off things on my very long list. So exhilarating. Love working at night and listening to the sounds of the night - really love it when I can hear the freight train miles and miles away. Love the bay area and can't wait to head up. Love San Francisco and hope I'm not too tired after the event on Saturday and Sunday to head into the city.

Back to work!

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