Saturday, April 05, 2008

talk and clip coupons

I have a problem - I'm ready to admit. Not really even sure how to put this. You know the saying - "My eyes are bigger than my stomach"? Well, my wishes, my desires - my intentions - are greater than my days, my hours - the time I have to actually do all the fun things I like to do. I know this is worded awkwardly. (The journalism teacher in 8th grade often wrote "awk?" next to a lot of my sentences) Yep, Mrs. Adams, I agree, this is an awk. But, you know what I mean? Case in point - my scrapbooking tote is busting at the seams with supplies I can't stop myself from buying and I have yet to complete my second ever scrapbook page. Going to the art supply store yesterday (a long haul down to Little Italy in San Diego but I figured that would be easier than waiting for much needed silk-screen supplies to arrive by mail) I found myself throwing cute little 4x4-inch canvases in my basket. It was only on the drive home that it occurred to me that I had done it once again. I spent money on supplies that I probably won't have time to use. I mean, sure, someday I'll have the time... but where does the consumption of art/craft/sewing supplies stop?

My eyes are starting to feel cross-eyed when I paint. I've always had perfect vision. But now I find myself squinting when I do detailed work. Yikes. Suppose a visit to the optometrist couldn't hurt. Years ago the optometrist told me my eyes were lazy and that I needed to do exercises - shifting from focusing on something up close and on something far away for 10 minutes a day. Just give me glasses. If I can't find time to paint or scrapbook or use all this fabric then I'm surely not going to find the time for eye push-ups.

Speaking of surely (Shirley), I had dreams about my Grandma Shirley twice this week. In the first, we were sitting at the kitchen table talking. She told me she had run out of coupons, so I grabbed the paper and we were going to clip new coupons. Just talk and clip coupons. Then I woke up and instantly realized what I had been dreaming and tried to quickly go back to sleep so I could return to the coupons and talk. No luck. A few days later I dreamt we were walking together at a street fair. She stopped to try on a necklace. I helped her look at it in a hand mirror. I told her she should buy it and she said she would if I would let her buy me something too. Then we walked on, arm in arm. That one was nicer because it had an ending. I just hate it when a dream ends before something has really happened.

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