Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a pirate party for five-year old finnegan

As soon as the New Year began, so did preparations for a pirate party.  This was such an easy theme for a party.  I found so many great ideas online - check out all my resources below.  It was a beautiful Southern Californian day and the entire crew of scallywags had a yo-ho good time.

The Birthday boy.

We jumped,

we drank,

we munched (Pirate's Booty, of course... or as Finn calls it, "Popcorn Booty"),

we crafted,

we dined,

and we celebrated.

It was a perfect, pirate party.

Now, let me give credit where credit is due.  The pirate party decor (bunting, cupcake wrappers and utensil decorations) were printables from Cottage Industrialist.  I copied the pirate cookies from The Cookie Mama.  And the kits for decorating pirate hats were from Oriental Trading.  These kits were great and we have hundreds of stickers left over, so the pirate fun will continue.

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