Monday, March 14, 2005

ocotillo beauty

We had a wonderful weekend in the desert. It felt good to be out in the warm air - already in the 90s! I loved seeing the blooming ocotillos. They're such an interesting desert plant. In the dead of summer they look like they're just this skeleton of some old dried up tree. But as soon as they get a little water, their tiny little green leaves poke out and the tops of their spindly arms sprout red-orange blossoms. And they have such an interesting shape. They sort of look like something you'd see growing in the ocean - clinging onto the reef. I'm gonna have to create some kind of graphic of an ocotillo.
To Do Today:
1. Doodle the ocotillo
2. Build second version of the cupcake stool (got polka dot oil cloth in mail - yay!)
3. Buy silk screening supplies while in San Diego (pick up hubby from airport - yay!)

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