Tuesday, June 07, 2005

how in the world?!?

the bees have been busy

A group of bees decided to take up residence in one of our empty trashcans. Since my husband is allergic to bee stings (and my son may very well be too), I had to encourage them to build their home elsewhere. I carefully put the end of a hose into the trashcan, ran to the faucet (a safe distance away), turned on the water and ran inside. Once they had all gone I noticed that they left the beginnings of this honeycomb. Isn't it fantastic? They were probably only at it for a few hours and they were able to produce this piece of brilliance about the size of a slice of bread. It just baffles me. Each opening is perfectly constructed. Each angle of every hexagon is perfect. How in the world?!?!?

♥ what i heart today ♥

♥ nature ♥ cream soda ♥ the smell of barbecue in the air ♥ passion flower blooms ♥ cake batter ♥ the fact that i am finally organizing our cd collection ♥

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Josie said...

I want to list things that make me happy today too, but at present, I am still steaming about my heinous commute home. I sometimes spend almost two hours driving home and today- I think even sailors would have blanched and turned pale at the language I used at the driver of a semi today... Does God forgive us when this stuff happens?