Friday, June 01, 2007

infatuation factor

A few weeks ago I admitted to a few people that there are three closets in my house that are such clutter zones that I'd be horrified if anyone saw them. I think the conversation went something like -"Dawn you are SO organized" - and I had to admit that my organization days have long gone. This is especially pathetic when you consider the fact that this house only has four closets! So, over the weekend, I tackled Project Hall Closet:


Yeah, it became this place where I'd just shove stuff three seconds before someone was coming over. There were piles of things that were actually intended for the Goodwill - I love the feeling of sending things off on their merry way. Seems my Goodwill pile is perpetually replenishing itself. So (drumroll please)...


You see? I actually did have a use for all those dresser drawers I saved when we tore apart the non-functioning part of my son's dresser months and months ago. Sure it was a hassle having them stacked in the garage, threatening to teeter with every passage, but I think it was worth it. One holds sheets, the other washcloths and another pillow cases. (by the way - I realize there is nothing very creative in organizing one's closet ...but it's the closest thing to genius I've had time for this week)

In the past week I've developed a couple new obsessions. The first is On the Lot. It's the perfect reality competition for those who just aren't into Idol. Undiscovered directors compete each week with short films they have just a mere few days to create. America watches, votes and directors with the fewest votes go home. What's especially neat is that you can watch the episodes online. This is great because I have a computer and no TV in my studio.

The second obsession is with this:

It's a t@b trailer. It's so cute! Wouldn't be an eyesore in the driveway, light enough so our Honda could pull it and would be the end of the search for that replacement tent pole that snapped during the Jalama windstorm on our last camping trip. Big question is - how long do I have to wait to know that this would be a good purchase? I feel like I'm always rushing into things. "OH! We MUST get that!" When I saw a pasta maker on sale, I daydreamed about making homemade pasta for every single meal. So I bought it, and it's now been probably a year since I've made my own pasta. Insisted that we had to get a coffee maker with an espresso machine - I'll never have to go to Starbuck's again! After about a week of intense espresso brewing, I quickly fell back into the Starbuck's groove. Oh, what else what else? Can't think of it, but you get my gist. So, question is long do I wait for the infatuation factor to wear off so I can think smart?

Okay, that's my boring post for the day. I've just been so knee-deep in Mommy duties that there hasn't been a second for anything creative and fun. Calgon, take me away!!!

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Josie said...

Wait no more! Get the t@b!!! On a road trip with my family up to Heart Castle about a year ago we bumped into a female couple who had one and asked if we could peek inside. I loved it! It's compact, lightweight, affordable, and perfect for a small family.

But as you do fairly point out...I too have visions of grandeur with each purchase! In fact, I must (sheepishly) admit that I have not even used the brand new Coleman camp stove, sleeping bag and giant water jug I bought over a year ago!!! And now I want a t@b!!!