Friday, June 22, 2007

simple planter

After living in this house for 4 years and saying to myself that I would plant myself a cutting garden, I can now say that I finally have done just that. Dahlias, Zinnias and Cosmos. I always had big plans to build raised planters in back - but who has time for that, right? So after a little brainstorming at Home Depot, I picked up a few supplies to make a simplified planter. I like how it turned out and appreciate how simple it was to do. In fact, I was able to put this approximately 5' by 5' space together quickly enough to maintain my son's attention span and give him a chance to enjoy the actual planting of flowers.

I picked up a bundle of redwood stakes (about $8 for a bundle of about 24 - way more than needed) and 4 8-foot lengths of thin redwood boards. No nailing required - I just pounded the stakes in with a hammer and used them to sandwich the boards. Super simple.

If I get caught up with orders, I think another planter with strawberries right next to the cutting garden would be really nice. But, one thing at a time...

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