Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wasted the Martha wind

And I wonder why it always takes me so long to get anything done...
I sat down to complete a project knowing I only had about 45-minutes to do so and what do I do? Tear apart the entire sewing machine so that I might be able to fix that little resistance I feel every time I try to backstictch.

But at least it worked. The sewing machine really is running so much better now - purring like a kitten. And, yes, it was in due time - it'd been ages since I'd oiled and maintained my machine. Just last week I was thinking I should buy a new one so I wouldn't have to bother with the old one - which is just plain silly.

Once the machine was working wonders again, I put together this little zippered pouch with the pieces I posted in yesterday's blog. I just put it up in my Etsy shop. With the pace I'm working at these days, I think it's better for me to start selling through Etsy. I sort of feel like I've wasted the Martha wind in my sails - but with the 4-month old quickly learning how to say, "HEY! Look at ME!!!!", I've got to start admitting I don't have the time for any kind of major dedication to the shop. At this point, it's one little piece at a time. Sorry Ms. Entrepreneurial Martha. Just can't do it right now. Soon, soon. Fixing to shine soon.

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Amy said...

Hi, I saw you on Martha and thought you were great! You were very inspiring to me, I had just had a baby and was in that zombie stage where I spent most of the day glued to the TV holding my little one. I actually just last week put some of the things I have been making on etsy to see what happens, but mostly so I could share them with family and friends. I am surprised that so many people don't know about etsy. I think it is a great site. My etsy username is amybube.