Wednesday, June 20, 2007

want to risk stains?

This is the napkin design I've been working on (progress mentioned in previous post). This picture really could have used my nice silverware - but, I was too lazy to pull it down. Oh well. I like how when folded, the blue and light brown accents my china, but when you open it up there's a colorful surprise:

But don't be too impressed - I only finished one. After finishing it, I was thinking about how long it's been that I've worked on a project for myself and how much fun it is working on something knowing that I'll be keeping it. And now several days have passed and I haven't done another one. That's the problem with projects for myself - back-burner syndrome.

Well, I'll eventually find the time I'm sure. Although, now I'm beginning to think they're too nice for napkins. Do I really want to risk stains? Maybe I'll only use them when I'm serving up white wine with something sauce-free. No red wine and spaghetti dinners with these!

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