Wednesday, June 27, 2007

project clean house: part II

Whew! Seriously - definitely more orders the second time around following my Martha appearance. Muchos gracias! Finally got all my packages off in the mail yesterday - that's always the best feeling in the world. I should have photographed my mountain of parcels. Thanks to the husband, I was able to crank everything out over the weekend while he was entertaining little Mr. Three-Year Old.

[And, for the record, I did not, as Ms. Martha suggested, come home to a "mountain of diapers". The husband was very offended by that - and I should have answered her differently - something like, "Oh no! My man is quite capable of taking out the diapers!!!" - but, I was just too star struck to actually comprehend anything Ms. Martha said to me]

So! Back to Project Clean House! Once or twice a year, I go around and touch up the walls. Downside to an appreciation of color is that touch-ups are slightly more time consuming. Green wall here, blue wall there, grey up there, yellow over here...and, you get the picture. So I've started keeping small amounts of my wall paint in old frozen yogurt containers. Paint a little swatch on the top to indicate what's inside and I'm set for an afternoon of touch-ups! As you can see, our walls are prone to marks of all kinds - crayon, chalk, pen...even, ahem, butter. Yes, we had a butter incident.

So now that that's done, I can move onto more exiting things - like, organizing the kids' closet! Or, on second thought, it might be nicer to plant that berry patch I mentioned in the previous post. Or project backyard, or project floors, or project window coverings.

We are off to la la Los Angeles for a birthday weekend. Guess who's one year older? I look forward to celebrating with all my guys with a stay in our favorite hotel, a visit to the Getty perhaps?, tour of the Disney Concert Hall maybe?, a game at Dodger stadium (perfect that my San Diego Padres just happen to be in L.A.) and a fun dinner with old friends.

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