Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the next big thing?

I've been having a hard time dedicating spare moments to creative activities - mostly because there are no spare moments to be had. I'm quickly reaching that point where the window on Me Time is closing. The littlest one isn't sleeping nearly as long as he did in his newborn phase and the older little one is starting to become aware of the fact that Mommy now has to be shared. But, in teeny tiny moments here and there, I have been experimenting with felting again. You might remember my post awhile back about making felted beads. Doing the same thing here, but with different shapes. Have NO idea what I'll do with these little pieces. It's just random creativity.

I really do need to find some time for nurturing that creative bug again. I find myself feeling frazzled and worn down after too much time away from my projects. The bigger little one will be starting a couple mornings of play school soon, so maybe that will help. Plus, I feel like all the dust has settled from Martha and it's time for me to figure out what I want to do next. The next big think, if you will. (note: I did not make it on Fred Flare's The Next Big Thing ...darn!) So wish me luck in finding the time to be creative today. And to you, I present the same challenge - Go make something!

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Anonymous said...

those are so cute!!! you should make cupcakes and sundaes next!