Saturday, January 12, 2008

constant movement

10:37AM - The husband just took off for the day with the kids. "We won't be back until it's dark." Ah... have I thanked you enough, God, for this man? I haven't thanked the man himself enough for this man. Thank you, man. "...And I'll bring home dinner. So relax! Enjoy your day!" So, catch up, says me. Nothing more relaxing than getting shit done. Laundry, fix that screen, clean out the fridge, garden, call mom, drawings. (I was faced with the harsh truth that all files on my laptop are gone. Devastating. What's hardest, I guess, is that I know I don't have the time I'd like to reproduce all the artwork I've created over the past 12 months since my last backup. And it's totally my fault, I know. Should have backed up. So, don't hesitate - go backup your hard drive NOW!) My goal for the day is to be in constant movement getting stuff done. On the ipod: All Songs, Jill Sobule.

11:42AM - Still moving right along. A thought just occurred to me. A month or so ago I was listening to Eva Scrivo on Martha Stewart Sirius Radio and she was chatting on about the toxicity of deodorant. She said she doesn't wear deodorant because she waxes her underarm hair and perspiration is actually excreted from the hair follicle - so by waxing, you remove the follicle and won't perspire. Like a blind monkey, I waxed my underarms. (Um, OUCH!) But after moving about a bit this morning, I feel like I could use a little deodorant. I know, this has nothing to do with anything, but I'm alone today. So, thoughts come to my mind and I feel like sharing them with someone! Okay, back to washing dishes.

12:26PM - Okay. House finally in a state where I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone stopped over by surprise.

2:05PM - Slowly working on drawing now. Hungry though. May have to slip some lunch into all this work. (Stewing... Still can't believe I lost all that work.)

4:29PM - Losing steam. Perhaps the only thing I hate more than doing laundry is folding laundry.

8:27PM - Alrighty then. Laundry: done. Drawings: successful. Kids are bathed and asleep and it's time for another crazy night of popcorn and TV before the hubby and I fall asleep on the couch. Boy oh boy things are different after kids. Yessir.

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