Saturday, January 19, 2008

foodie if I had the chance

I LOVE eating out. The husband and I had a belated anniversary celebration last night (Eight years, man, EIGHT years!) at Harry's Bar and American Grill. I've been going through a weird thing with food lately. Me, Ms. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast... I've been eating steak. Not large quantities of it, mind you. No, we're not about to sit down and plow through prime rib. But, good quality steak - bring it on. I haven't eaten steak since I was a kid - and even then, I can only remember once. But suddenly, I find myself thinking about a steak. I find myself thinking about attempting sushi. Oysters? Game on! Avocados - let's talk about avocados for a second. I live in a city which probably produces a significant source of the country's avocados, but - never interested. These suckers are available year round for us. A few weeks ago I made guacamole for some German friends of ours who were visiting and tried some myself. Hello? Delicious! I could easily become a foodie if I had the chance to eat out more. Since we don't, maybe I should try to become a little more adventurous with my cooking. The other night I through together Jamie Oliver's Chinese Chicken Parcels. Yum! Note to self: add "adventurous eating' to the list of resolutions.

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