Thursday, May 15, 2008

call me crazy

As I said before, the listing of items to Etsy is taking more time than I would like. Honestly, though, the only time I can dedicate to listing items is when little one is napping (which is only for one precious time a day), at night after dinner (frankly, I'm usually just too tired) or in the wee hours of the morning (why don't I wake up as early as I used to?). The 1-year old's response to me sitting down at the computer in our workroom can best be described as simply freaking out. I suppose the solution to that would be to replace our laptop that died so I could work on computer stuff in the kitchen or out in the yard. But I think I must have laptop-phobia now. Lost so much precious work on that thing and now I think I just feel better working right here at the desktop where our handy dandy external hard drive backs everything up for me at the blink of an eye. I know, I know - I could probably rig up some kind of backup for a new laptop... but I just need time. Give me time. So, in the meantime, I'll just be continuing to plug along at it, listing a new item or two a day.

I'm working on getting this workroom organized. In a recent argument with the husband (nah, we NEVER fight... just a small argument) it came out that he longed for a workspace like the one I've created in this room for myself. And since I LOVE it when I can seek out a viable solution that I am quite capable of tackling when there is a problem, I jumped on it. What is it about me and new projects? This is my new project... making a space for Mr. Out of the Box. I've got his table situated and once I install new shelves over my workspace I'll be able to move all the yarn, beads, notions and craft books to make way for Beat Writers, the new Bob Dylan Album Cover journal I bought him at the Bazarre Bizarre, manuscripts from his bud in the movie biz, etc. I'm all over this. Thought I'd even make him an "In" box... leave him little notes throughout the day. Call me crazy... I know I am. But, again, it's hard to carve out time to actually work in this workroom. Child gate at the door holds back 1-year old hands that love to grab at my pins and needles, but it doesn't stop him from throwing himself at it in tears and hysteria. I think we need a lock on the door and surveillance cameras all over the house so I can hold up in here but still maintain my motherly duties of making sure the boys aren't getting themselves into any dangerous trouble. Or a nanny. Yeah, I guess a nanny would probably be easier. Anyone want to spring for a full time nanny so I can draw flying cats?

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