Friday, May 16, 2008

do flowers come from flowers?

[I sure hope I can bang this out before the kids wake up... it's always so enormously frustrating to start something in these priceless moments of quiet only to have to stop when someone screams, "MOMMY!"]

Before BazBiz I was really getting into patchwork and putting together different prints to make these wonderful color combos. I think this one here on the left comes off as a little Japanese. Piecing different prints together almost feels like painting. It's also a great way to work through my stash of fabric. It wasn't until I started reading blogs and finding people who posted pictures and pictures of their neatly stacked stashes that I decided it was okay to have massive stashes and began buying prints that I just couldn't resist every time I saw them. Mistake? Nah... just got to keep it organized. I hate it when one pile starts to topple and I take the time to re-stack it and find a lovely print that has gone unnoticed - a print that would have been great on a certain project. I'd LOVE to organize all the prints by color - like THIS or THIS or THIS.

[Kids are up. The littlest one slipped right out of our bed all by himself and quietly pitter-pattered in here like a quiet little leprechaun. The bigger one sauntered in with what is the start of a long day of questions..."Where is Daddy? Did the cat ever scratch me? Why do cats scratch? Do cats come from cats? Do flowers come from flowers? Do babies come from babies?" - I'm not making this up - "Do grown-ups come from babies? Do babies come from grown-ups? Why does Daddy have to work? Why do we need money? Why do we need a house?" Diaper is stinky... time to admit it's time to get changing. The one without a stinky diaper asks, "Do you remember one time I was trying to go stinky in my diaper and it came out on the floor? That was pretty stinky, was it?]

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