Tuesday, May 06, 2008

reality check

I'm back from the Bazaar Bizarre @ Maker Faire. Whew! Still trying to catch my breath. It was a long weekend behind my little table - but on top of that we were up there with the kids, so that made everything a bigger ordeal than simply just a craft show. Everything gets multiplied when kids are involved, right? More money, more time, more stuff to pack, more patience required. And on top of all that, we drove home right after the faire ended at 6pm Sunday evening. But since the kids slept we were able to plow right through and make the trip in about 6 hours. I tried SO hard to stay awake to keep the husband company while he drove. (Speaking of which... Husband of the Year award right here - he had a cold and the 1-year old had a cold, but he still managed to keep both little boys occupied and THEN drove the long haul home when he should have been in bed sipping cold medicine) I do believe I'm ready to accept that I just can't do shows like this until these kids are bigger. It's hard getting ready for these, it's hard dragging the whole family out to them and it's too much on the husband. I just end up feeling tired and guilty. But my ears were ringing listening to other crafters talking about upcoming shows. There's even a Renegade Craft Fair coming to San Francisco in July. How many times have I sat here enviously reading blog entries about Renegade in Chicago and New York? But it's time to accept the truth - focus on web sales and put shows on hold for the next few years. MAYBE check out some consignments... but can't overload myself here. By the end of last week I was starting to get a little crazy - mumbling things like, "I wish you were older!" to the little one who wouldn't let me finish my sewing. Oh the shame! I'm going to let him be little, and enjoy it, and just do what I can with the little spare time I have. Can we say Reality Check? Hopefully I'll find some time to start uploading all the things I brought home with me to the Etsy site. So if you stopped by the table and hoped to get something you saw - check out the Etsy shop and buy buy buy!

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Thimbleanna said...

Boy, what a cute booth you have! I love your little bibs and booties -- soooo cute! And your fabric too -- oh to be younger and have a baby LOL! (Which btw...do enjoy them while they're little -- you know all too well they'll be gone soon!)