Thursday, May 22, 2008

the last minute

It's that time - end of the school year... teacher gifts!

I had the idea of these little herb gardens in my head,
but when I hit the store I wasn't exactly finding what I had in mind.
But I came across these metal tubs
and thought
this just might work.

Using the magnets to hold the labels was one of those
Was trying to make little plant stakes
when I realized I was running out of time.
(always leaving these things for the last minute)
Would have been nice to make that discovery earlier,
to decorate the magnets,
that would have required WAY to much planning.

The Technicalities: I filled the bottom with cocoa mulch before placing the potted plants inside. This way, there's something to hold any excess water since the metal tub itself does not have holes for drainage. Then I filled in the gaps and tops of the pots with green moss. Next, print up labels and attach to the tubs with magnets. I wish I had purchased the plants a lot sooner. Would have been nice to place them in the tubs and then let them fill in for a few weeks. So for those who know how to plan ahead, that's my suggestion.

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