Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Never fails. I always get some of my first plumeria blooms by my birthday... today. Although, this year some of them started as early as last week. I finally transplanted the plumeria I've had in a ceramic pot for years into the ground - as well as quite a few my mom gave me that were in pots as well. I think they like it in the ground better. I guess after 4 years of living here I finally decided that this was where I wanted to start growing some roots. I'll celebrate today the way I often do, with a plumeria tucked behind my ear.

Today I turn 35.


That's big.

I'm typing outside on my brand new ruby red laptop. (wonder if the husband had that planned - my birthstone is Ruby!) Oh the joy to not be tethered to the desktop any longer! I am going to take very good care of you, my little Ruby. No AutoCAD that makes your hard drive all wonkers. No massive photo storage - we have another big hard drive now for all that jazz. You will be my little pampered princess. You WILL NOT crash!

I think I've finally given up on New Year's Resolutions, but on this day, my birthday, I do still find myself making Birthday Resolutions. Silly things pop to mind, like, now that I am 35 I shall always have ruby red toes. And then other thoughts, like how much I love the lady at our Home Depot garden center and how she calls me "honey" or "sweetie" at least 10 times in the span of one check out. I've always wanted to be the one who calls everyone "honey". Shoot, now that I'm 35, I'm in a place where I can be saying, "honey." I want to spend more time in the garden, I want to spend more time at the beach. My hair color shall be "cinnamon stick", it's been good to me the past couple months, and I'll make more time for bubble baths. I think I'm getting more selfish with age. What am I saying? How is it possible to be selfish with a 1 and 4-year old? Just need to squeeze in more time for those girly things that make me happy. Say hello to the new, 35-year old me!


Thimbleanna said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday! And what a fun description of the new woman you will be, Honey!!!

kassey said...

That was beautiful! I am turning 35 in a month and a half and am now looking forward to it:)