Saturday, July 12, 2008

note to self

Woke up a little bit ago smelling popcorn and hearing what sounded like the puff-puff of a train. When I jumped up off the couch, I ran to the kitchen half-asleep exclaiming to the husband, "That sounded like a popcorn...I mean...It smelled like a choo choo...I mean...I thought that was a train!" He smiled and suggested that I go to bed. "Okay, I'll close up the house." Even though I practically tripped over the dog while rushing to the kitchen, the husband had to inform me that the dog was in and he'd lock up. "You'll probably have to wake up early anyway (the 1-year old)... why don't you just go to bed?" So, reluctantly (but not so much), because that popcorn smelled SO GOOD, I'm off to sleep. Note to self: get a big bucket of popcorn at Sea World tomorrow.

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