Thursday, July 17, 2008


I know I missed a day - don't think I'm trying to let that one sneak by. Some days are harder than others to squeeze in a little creative hour or two. I've finally given into something I've been tempted by for a long time... getting groceries delivered. Albertsons just dropped off all my bags of groceries and I feel like it's Christmas. TOTALLY worth the $10 delivery fee. Figure in the time it takes to get the kids motivated and ready to go shopping (making sure they both have shoes -- how many times have I ended up at the store and realized I forgot to grab shoes?), the time to strap them in and drive to the store (not to mention the gas), the time to thoroughly wipe down the grocery cart with antibacterial wipes, the time I spend putting things back on the shelves after being swiped down by little hands, the fussing and whining and screaming (the 1-year old loves to hear his echo when he screams at the grocery store), the hassle of loading up the car and strapping the kids back in before driving home... yeah, totally worth $10. That's not even mentioning the impulse buys and the snacks that inevitably end up in the cart because I always find myself shopping while hungry. I'll bet I save $10 simply by ordering only what I need and not what I get suckered into buying. Our delivery guy even played a little tune on his harmonica for the 4-year old. (it just occurred to me, I probably should have tipped the guy - how tacky of me not to tip him!)
Waaaaay back during the days, I loved ordering all my groceries online. I LOVED I miss seeing those cute vans running around town and I wish I'd kept all my paper bags with their cute logo...

Now if only Albertsons would come pick up my re-usable grocery bags first and use those instead of plastic. That would make the whole thing perfect.

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