Wednesday, January 14, 2009

in lieu of pita

I was going to make Falafel tonight, but just couldn't stand the thought of stopping off at the grocery store with two fiesty little boys to pick up pita bread after an afternoon at the park. So, I fixed a Falafel salad instead. Delicious. I am so thoroughly full and content right now. (J- Tell me this isn't what you guys had for dinner - because if it is, there really must be some strange time/space continuum warp thing going on) The vegetarian gig (or pescatarian, as I've learned - eats fish) is going great. I feel wonderful, energy level is high - I'm very excited to keep it up.

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Josie said...

We're safe!!! We can take the aluminum foil off our roof now! I had a Lean Cuisine panini and Roy had a burrito. Ryan was the only one keeping it real (meatless). He had tofu cubes, chopped up bananas and strained sweet potatoes!