Thursday, September 21, 2006

birthday delish

The cakes turned out well and the party was pleasant. A bit crowded for our small house - but call me crazy...I love the feeling of an over-crowded room with kids playing and adults enjoying good food. Something so warm about that. I made the cakes from angelfood cake that I cut into circles with a large biscuit cutter. Gave each cake a thin coat of white icing (for just a touch of sweet) and then lathered on the meringue. Cooked them in a warm oven for 10 minutes (just long enough to start to set the meringue) and then used a torch to brown the meringue peaks. They looked how I imagined them to look and tasted wonderful! As an afterthought, I served up the ice cream in tea cups since the small plates I served each cake on was too small to hold a scoop.

This is our Wedgwood china we picked out when we got married. I love love lOVE it - but still only have 8 sets. One of these days I'll save up some money to start buying more sets. I love using it. I'm not a "Monica" (those who watch Friends re-runs like I do know what I'm talking about) who thinks the china should stay packed away to be used only should the Queen come to dinner. I think some would actually shudder to see me using it for dessert like this...but, hey, I love it and I'm going to use it any chance I get!

One of the gifts I gave to Tom was an album filled with photos and articles I found on driving up to Big Sur. I mapped out a camping trip that would take us up the coast, ending at Big Sur where we could enjoy the breath-taking coast, the magnificent redwoods and local sights like the Henry Miller Library. The album is to be filled with photographs once the trip is completed. My gift to him is this - if he can find the time, I'll plan every little detail. I hope he can find the time soon. Might be nice to go before the baby is here. One final rendezvous for the Three Muskateers before baby makes four.

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Josie said...

The 'babymoon' is very much in vogue now- what a great idea for a gift!

And those adorable looking cakes! Yum. I almost signed up for cake decorating class at Joann's last month until I realized the first class alone required $75 worth of supplies and looked HARD. I still plan to take one, but I think I'll wait until R is working and we have more $ to do it!