Wednesday, September 20, 2006

flower power

Remember this wonderful fabric I talked about in a previous post? For the past couple weeks it's been clumsily draped over the curtains it was meant to replace. Since I'm having a small birthday party for my husband tonight, I had the perfect motivation to finally sew my new curtains.

Aren't they lovely?

I love it when a completed project gives me so much simple joy. I feel giddy each and every time I pass the Living Room to see my happy flowers. I think, yes, the fabric would have been too much in the shape of a slip cover. Besides, isn't this couch so much nicer? The chocolate brown leather matches the deep brown carpet squares.

And now I'm off for some shopping in prep for aforementioned birthday party. The picture I have in my head of the individual-size birthday cakes is so perfectly sweet - let's see if I can, as Tim Gunn of Project Runway says, "Make it work."

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