Friday, September 01, 2006

work in progress process

For awhile now there have been several things that just gnaw at me everytime I go into the living room. First of all, the slip cover on our couch always needs adjusting and tucking. Second, there is a hint of design focus, but it reads more like there was an effort, but not the will to see it through. And finally, the funky chair (that I believe has great potential) is still really nothing more than an eyesore badly in need of some love.

I love the interface flor carpet tiles we have. It's a lovely composition of green, orange and brown to compliment a color palette that I intended to consist of orange and green. Some of the walls are painted a very bright apple green. But things like the boring, beige, disfunctional sofa slipcover just throw the whole design effort out of whack.

On to my hopes and sew slip covers for the couch, for the chair and for the ottoman that really pull it all together. Earlier in the week, when I thought the fabric sale I mentioned earlier was already in effect, I simply thought of this project from a functional frame of mind. Boy am I glad I had to wait till the weekend for the sale to start - now that I've had time to think about it, I've got an entirely different objective. I'm loving this fabric (Liz Claiborne, Flaunt):

The it too much? I'm starting to think yes. One solution - use this for the chair and the curtains and stick with a solid rust for the sofa. The other delima...can I actually, really do this? To answer that question, I'm attempting to make a slip cover for my son's upholstered (and also sadly stained) chair. Before I fork out all this money on fabric, I'd better know I can actually put it to use.

Of course, this is starting to look more and more attractive by the second:

Ah...the Ikea trap. I'd like to think I'm past that stage in my life of filling up the house with cheap Ikea furniture...on the other hand, it's almost too cheap to pass up. What a quick fix.

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