Friday, September 29, 2006

this + that

With the Bazaar Bizarre lurking (you know it's going to be December before we know it), I've started planning my plan of attack for the next couple months. With the location practically right across the street from USC, I'd like to be able to offer a handfull of smaller priced items like these key chains. Last year I sold a lot of the smaller items - maybe people are shopping for stocking stuffers? I have so many pillows. Think I'll stop on the pillow production. Besides, it's fun to shift gears and focus on something new for a change.

Also recently purchased all the bright orange faux fur I'll need to sew my son's Halloween costume. The pattern is for a lion, but little trick-or-treater keeps changing his mind. One day he wants to be a lion, the next he wants to be a kitty cat. Thank God they're both feline. We'll call it whatever he wants - but I'm only sewing ONE costume!

Still struggling to find the energy to do practically anything these days. The little 1-pounder in my womb has been kicking like it's the World Cup! This is good news for the little 40-pounder running circles around me. He's going to want a little brother who can keep up with him.

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