Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a place for all those ideas

I've been struggling to find the energy to complete projects (or even start them!) lately. The other day Martha explained how you should always cut developing seed pods off of flowering bulbs because the bulb is weakened by all the energy it takes to create that seed pod - much like, as she explained, a woman's body when she's pregnant. Ah ha! Bingo! Yessir! I'm completely useless by around 3pm if I haven't had a nap. And who has time to nap when you're entertaining an almost-3-year-old? So, to deal with all my thoughts and ideas - thoughts and ideas that I now accept I won't be able to initiate until this little baby boy is outta my body - I've focussed on my system of organizing these ideas. Here is the notebook I've created for the house:

Each room/space has a tab behind which I paste pictures and articles from magazines and jot down project ideas. Since I'm spending a lot more time just sitting around the house imagining all I would do if I just had the energy, I'm seeing little details (like cracked tiles and missing pieces of trim) that need repair. Write it down, and one of these days when I'm looking for something to do, I'll have my list to refer to.

I think my next notebook should contain all the thoughts/ideas/sketches I have for building our own house. I've always loved the beginning of the movie "Indecent Proprosal" where Woody Harrelson, playing an architect, madly sketches out ideas for his dream house upon rolls of paper taped up to the wall. I'd love to build a completely stand-alone, green house that incorporates means of solar energy, grey water storage and passive heating/cooling in design conscious ways. It frustrates me to no end how our house is oriented parallel to the breezes that whip up the hill. Only one room captures that natural means of cooling. Had the house been rotated, we'd get constant natural airflow. Someday, I'd love to have the chance to think all these things through in designing my own house.

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