Monday, September 04, 2006

project slip cover update

So! About Project Slip Cover...dead in the water. Laziness? Smart? Just got to thinking about the money it would cost for the fabric, the hours it would take to make it (and time is money!) and I finally came to the conclusion that it would not be worth it. Plus, my mom mentioned that fact that it is Labor Day Weekend and everyone is having a sale. (No sales tax! Woo hoo!!) So I bought a new couch instead. I'm gonna go with "smart" on this one. In two weeks we'll know if the baby is a boy or a girl and it will be all about Project Nursery. So, no use wasting all that time on a slip cover that may or may not work. But I did manage to complete the slip cover for my son's chair. Worked out nicely I think! Definitely an improvement. Although, I do notice that even though it is fitted - it still slips. I think I would have been extremely disappointed to spend all that time an money on something that doesn't work the way I wanted it to. At this small scale - I don't care...not like it's gonna drive me up the wall the way it would on a full sofa.

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