Sunday, February 25, 2007

most important meal of the day

Steamed up a little milk, brewed some espresso, whipped up these delicious macadamia nut pancakes and we had ourselves a breakfast worthy of Sunday morning. I love the graphics on the pancake package. Our friend, the Lost Hawaiian, gave this to us, but if I'd seen it at the store I'm sure it would have been one of those things I'd buy just for the packaging. And this is one of those rare cases where the product lives up to the flashy packaging - Yum Me. (I almost wrote "Yummo" but that's just a little too Rachel Ray for me) The last time an eye-catching label made a sucker of me I found myself acting like an idiot at the register as I went through sticker shock. "Are you sure that's the right price?" I originally picked it up thinking, I don't care how much it costs because it is just too cute! Boy was I in for a surprise. I bought it anyway because I didn't want the clerk to think I was poor - which I am - and intended to take it back - which I never did - and ended up giving it away as a gift - after promising myself I wouldn't spend anymore money - which, of course, I have. Speaking of extravagant purchases, if I ever had money to blow I'd love to have THIS espresso machine sitting on the counter in my kitchen. The Krupps machine we have is perfectly sufficient, but wouldn't you think that a lime green or orange espresso machine would just make your cappuccino taste even better? I know, I know ...form follows function. Sometimes I just get so blinded. There have been some very pleasant surprises in the past when I've put aside my opinions on form in favor of function. Best example, our car - a Honda Element. I DID NOT like the way these looked when my husband first suggested checking them out. The only way he got me down to the lot was by telling me about all the innovative and functional features: hard surface floors instead of carpet (just hose it down when there's a spill), seats that fold down into a bed (perfect for camping), spacious interior without the nuisance of an exaggerated SUV-like exterior, plastic panelling that protects against dings and scratches - to name a few. I was sold, and now I even dig the way it looks. AND, it's holding up very well what with all the spilled milk, muddy dog paws and sandy feet it's had to endure. Any other car would be trashed by now. Okay, now how did this end up sounding like an episode of Car Talk when I started out wanting to share my Sunday breakfast? I write much the way I proceed with getting things done - set out to do one thing and find myself sidetracked with several other things before finally getting to the thing I meant to do in the first place (if I even get to it at all!). So please forgive the attention deficiencies of my writing style. Back to breakfast ...the skillet was a little too hot so the cakes don't have that nice golden crust (if only all our flapjacks could end up looking like Pancake Meow's), but they still tasted great. (Again, don't judge a book by it's cover!) We'll just say they were rustic pancakes. I didn't hear anyone complaining. Since we are now back on the topic of food ...I want to make something fun for dinner since it is Oscar night. Something in line with what I did a couple years ago - Oscar themed dinner. Or maybe we'll have something simple for dinner followed by some creative popcorn options. Well, we'll see. Check back tomorrow to see how we celebrated Oscar.

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