Wednesday, February 28, 2007

how about some earth tones for baby?

I'm pretty sleepy today - my eyes have that heavy, burning, feels-like-it's-3am feeling. (You know how it is with a baby) I thought it'd be nice to do a photo-heavy post on color. But after walking around the house trying to catch some of my favorite examples of color, I am left with dark photographs - it's not your typical sunny SoCal day I'm afraid. So instead, I have one photo from the house and a couple photos of booties. And the whole thought on color really started with the booties anyway. I'm coming up with some color standards for my booties and these photos give you the general idea of where that inspiration is headed. I realize they're actually very un-baby. But I don't think that necessarily makes them wrong for baby. I'm working under the assumption that there are other mothers out there like me who feel suffocated in the saturation of pastels being pushe don us in all the infant merchandise out there. Why does it only have to be baby blue, pink, mint green and yellow? In fact, for a long time I didn't even use pink felt. But after many requests I added it to my rotation. But, as you'll see, I always try to make it pink with a twist. Love those twists. Orange with green, pink with red, blue with rust and green with purple. Well, baby calls - off for another feeding or diaper attention or blanket tucking or simply some good old fashion cuddle time.

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