Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my disorder

Here are a few paintings I did before the holdiays (waaaay back when) and never got around to posting. But you see, I'm not pregnant anymore, so no more excuses for not getting things done! Joking aside, it is nice to have my energy back. Even my creative energy seems to have been sparked lately. Unfortunately, I don't know to which end said creativity can be put to use since it may be a little while before I'm able to pack up and head out to another craft event. I'll sure miss BazBiz San Mateo and the Maker Faire this year. My heart aches, actually. But I don't think a road trip up to the bay area with a 3-month old is such a smart idea. Pick your battles, isn't that what they say? So, maybe I should focus on the website. Focus on wholesale. Focus on the things I can do here from my cozy little home - which I don't seem to leave much these days. Yes, it's true, I am a homebody. You'd think I live back east where weather forces me to stay indoors for days. This beautiful weather is wasted on me. It's been cold here (and "cold" here translates to daring to dip below 60 degrees! - - I know, stupid Californian), so I haven't been motivated to garden - a project that gets me outside. Maybe in another few weeks, this "cold" will disappear and I can go out to repair all the tropicals that have been burned by the frost we had a couple weeks ago. Poor things - all those brown leaves! I have to wonder if they'll come back? I don't think my hearty passion vine has ever lost all its leaves before. The caterpillars love this vine - so I hope it does come back because it's so nice to have brand new butterflies daily. In any case, we'll definitely have to install some color out there. One good thing comes of this - the "cold" has kept the grass from growing. The lawn mower hasn't been fired up in weeks! Well, time for me to get out from behind this computer, stop groovin to Sirius Disorder (my new favorite Sirius station - where else can you hear the Beatles, then some jazz, then Beth Orton and Aimee Mann all back-to-back???) and try to get something accomplished today. And maybe, just maybe, even go outside!

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