Thursday, November 15, 2007

my mind is aflutter

When I hear myself saying to myself - "Another year already gone by! Thanksgiving next week and the holiday season is here again!" - I immediately break out in song, Carpenter's style... Greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through. But I still have one wish to make, a special wish for you... I just can't think about christmastime without hearing the Carpenter's Christmas Album in my head. It just can't be Christmas without the Carpenters, in my book. (yeah yeah yeah, I know Jesus is the reason for the season) So, come next Friday - once Thanksgiving is all said and done with - I'll be playing my very favorite christmas album again and again till the cows come home. Or, rather, until the husband comes home from work and I quickly hit the mute button the second I hear that garage door open. You know, after all these years of marriage I still get embarrassed and apologize profusely for the music I listen to.

This week I'm finishing up these little party birds pictured above. Using a Good Thing and taking it one step further to make them birthday birds for my Thanksgiving boy. Speaking of Ms. Good Thing Martha, I got my holiday Martha Stewart Living the other day and my mind is aflutter with all the decorating, baking and homemade gift ideas. I am definitely going to make a gingerbread village this year. And it's about that time for me to start making the gifts I'm going to make so I don't run out of time. Yep, this house is going to start feeling the magic of the holiday season real soon!

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Loretta said...

These are so cute. I just love Martha Stewarts ideas!