Wednesday, November 21, 2007

our bird is taking a bath

Have you tried this before - a brined turkey? The idea sounded good enough to try. I really hope it takes away some of that turkey taste. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really have no business being carnivorous. Just hate the taste of meat. Meat I eat must be marinated, slathered in sauce or breaded and fried. So maybe a slice of this turkey, after it's been soaking up all those spices and salt, will be more up my alley. The husband and I are actually considering trying a more vegetarian lifestyle. Honestly, for me, the only reason I haven't done so early is purely out of convenience. How easy is it to throw some chicken on the barbecue? But after we eat till we're bursting at the seams tomorrow, this household might start trying out some more vegetarian options. Why not?

Next up, make mac-n-cheese for the kids, prepare gorgonzola flatbread appetizers, cook potatoes for mashed sweet potatoes and bake up almond tart. Busy day in the kitchen!

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