Sunday, November 04, 2007

See Rock City!

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Maybe I'm still trying to catch up, literally and mentally, now that we're back home. I'm just so gosh darn tired all the time! Baby boy #2 is almost 10-months old. When baby boy #1 was about this age, I was beginning to get things started with all my crafting and selling and blogging and such. I guess I was thinking that things would start to pick up again once the little one hit this age. But so far, the energy level on my part just hasn't caught up with all the stuff to do here around the house.

But that's boring. The last thing I want to do after not posting anything new all week is write something boring. So, today I'll share some of the things I picked up on our trip. "See Rock City" - It's the ad campaign for Rock City. All along our drive from Nashville to Chattanooga we saw big signs and barn roofs with the words, "See Rock City." This miniature birdhouse was just about all I could commit to buying since I knew we still had 2 weeks left to our trip. A big birdhouse just wasn't going to fit in the suitcase regardless of how creative I could get with packing! But I'm itching to buy a full size birdhouse online to hang in one of our trees.

And, a few other things I picked up on our trip. First, a taste for sweet tea. Used to have great pride in the fact that I didn't add anything to my tea. No more. At the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio (God bless gift shops!) in Oak Park, I picked up this cross stitch kit of one of his graphics. It was a great project for the road trips we took, but now that we're home I've hardly picked it up. Another one of those things that will take me forever to complete. As if that weren't enough things to keep my hands busy, I found a pattern book for crocheting socks. And my gauge is all off because, 1) I don't know what I'm doing and 2) I didn't follow directions and use the yarn they suggested. So, this first sock may end up being converted into something else. I've been thinking about making new Christmas stockings now that we're a family. I made stockings for the husband and I pre-children - a lifetime ago. Now I think I need to make 4 somewhat matching stockings for all of us. One thought was to quilt them from solid fabric and then add a new embellishment each year. Maybe a band of crocheted stocking? In 15 years they'll be works of art! Each year a piece of whatever I'm into that year can be stitched on. Who knows what craft I'll take up next.

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