Monday, February 18, 2008

dreaming of the past

Ohmygosh...why can't I post like I used to? This project here has been a month in the works. (pictured up there) Just can't pump it out like I once used to. Well, let's be honest, I never pumped it out like I would have liked too. But it never used to be as dry as it's been recently. I've been having converstations, lately, with good friends of mine. Good friends, who, as it happens to be, were friends before the whole little "kidlet" faze of our lives appeared. It's so funny. We - the girls of the feminists - never really thought twice about career vs. motherhood. (of COURSE career would come first!) Now that we are mothers, it seems we're faced with quite a delima. We want to be good mommys but we also want to have the careers... more for our own peace of minds (as it turns out) than anything else. In my case, it's the whole debate on taking architectural registration exams or not taking registration exams. I must admit - it's comforting to find that close friends (even MALE friends who don't have the "mommy excuse") from college have not yet taken said exams. But... I'm doin' the mommy thing now so I don't gotta think about it now, right?

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